What is included in an Economic Development Strategy?

    There are many factors that affect our economy, many of which fall under provincial and federal jurisdictions. However, Coquitlam’s Economic Development Strategy will focus on actions and areas that are within the municipal jurisdiction and the city’s sphere of policies. 

    These could include, but are not limited to: 

    • Supporting commercial/industrial/office supply and land-use
    • Supporting the creation and retention of more local jobs with municipal incentives and promotional efforts 
    • Supporting vibrant business areas and place-making initiatives 
    • Growing the visitor economy (i.e. tourism)
    • Attracting new and innovative industries (e.g. creative industries, green industries, technology)
    • Promoting local education and skill training opportunities
    • Supporting local economic opportunities for people of all background and abilities  

    Why is Coquitlam creating this strategy?

    Coquitlam is one of the fastest growing communities in B.C, in the middle of a rapidly growing region . The City has many existing assets that make it attractive to potential businesses, such as its proximity to nature, diverse and creative labour force, and major transportation infrastructure linkages. This strategy aims to leverage those assets and identify future opportunities by engaging the community in a vision for a local economy that works for everyone.

    Who will be consulted throughout the process?

    The EDS will broadly engage with the community. With specific focus provided to local businesses, First Nations, community groups, as well as youth/students.

    How will feedback be incorporated into the Strategy?

    Input gathered throughout this engagement will be used to inform the vision, mission, goals and strategies for local economic development in Coquitlam. We thank you for your interest in helping to shape the EDS.