Budget 2024

The City of Coquitlam provides infrastructure and services that impact your day-to-day life, for example the water you drink, garbage collection, roads, parks and green spaces, public safety and many more. Every year how much we spend in each of these areas is set out through the budget process.

Coquitlam has a strong foundation of financial planning which has made the City resilient in challenging times. How funding is allocated impacts service levels. It is important that we keep managing a balanced approach to recognize the impacts that the current economic conditions have on residents and local businesses with the need to maintain high service levels and provide a good quality of life for everyone now and into the future.

Learn more about the City’s financial approach at coquitlam.ca/financialplan.

Contact City staff with any questions at financialplanning@coquitlam.ca

How Feedback will be Used

The City is in the process of developing its five-year financial plan for 2024. Community input is one of several factors that inform the budget process. The insight gained from public input will be provided to Council along with staff input and recommendations in order to support decision-making as part of the annual budget deliberation process.

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