Strategic Plan

Coquitlam’s previous Strategic Plan (2020-2023) was the product of a robust engagement process that took place in 2019. The 2019 engagement process included in-person pop-up events throughout the city, formal presentations with a range of community groups and Council-appointed advisory committees, an online open survey for the public, and additional questions as part of the statistically-valid Community Satisfaction Survey administered by Ipsos.

While the Strategic Plan has a long-term vision to 2032, it's important to check in every four years to ensure the document still reflects the strategic direction of the organization and alignment with Council's vision, as well as desired outcomes for the community.

How to Get Involved
  • Contact City staff with questions, feedback, or if you require special help to participate at

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What's in a Strategic Plan

Coquitlam's current Strategic Plan includes a vision for 2032:

Coquitlam: Sustaining a high quality of life for current and future generations, where people choose to live, learn, work and play.

It also includes a mission and organizational values, along with five strategic goals:

  • Safe and Complete Neighbourhoods
  • Local Economy and Local Jobs
  • Healthy Community and Active Citizens
  • Sustainable Services, Environment and Infrastructure
  • Excellence in City Governance
Each of these goals is guided by specific objectives and tasks (how we plan to achieve it) and key performance indicators (how we will measure success).

How We Will Build the New Plan

Your feedback will be considered along with feedback from Council and Council Advisory Committees, the statistically-valid data from the Community Satisfaction Survey and planning best practices to create a document to guide us to 2027.

Project Archive


The Strategic Plan Survey has now concluded